Low Cost Fridge Monitoring

Taking temperature readings can be a bit of a chore, especially if you have many different pieces of cold storage equipment.   I found a product in America that could be a low cost solution for you.   They now have a British sales agent too so it makes life a little easier than when I first bought them.

The equipment needed is as follows:

  • A PC Connected to the internet


The PC is connected to the internet and the dongle connects all the sensors.  Its pretty easy to set up and runs on the IMONNIT cloud website.  Each sensor will take a reading every 2 hours (more often if you subscribe).  The readings can be viewed online or using the smart phone app.

The software will also tell you the amount of battery left.  You can set critical limits and the software will alert you by email if your equipment temperature exceeds the limit. If you pay a subscription the software will alert you be telephone or text message.

If you use product that you think would benefit others in their business then let us know and we will feature it.


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