The Drywite Young Fish Frier of the year competition – DYFFY Weekly Blog – Week 2

The Drywite Young Fish Frier of the year competition – DYFFY

Round 2 – Skype Interview

The next round in the competition is known to be the most dreaded one, the skype interview. In this round I was asked to sit an interview over skype with one of the judges in the competition and answer 5 questions within a 5-minute time limit. The hardest part is that I had no idea of what the questions would be. I started noting down potential things I could be asked, something I could have next to me so that I could use if my mind went blank half way through. I asked the staff to randomly quiz me on my knowledge when I was busy to add to being under pressure which also helped me remember things and showed me when I was waffling off topic so that I could maintain my focus.

When the day of the round came I felt well prepared for it. I tested my Skype account and connection, so I knew it was working fine as well as isolated my kitchen, so I wouldn’t be interrupted half way through. I also decided to use my headphones so that I could hear what was asked and full screen the Skype, so I could clearly see the questions if I needed a reminder. When each question was asked I took a minute to compose the answer in my head so I didn’t waffle, as well quickly refer to my notes to see if anything I had written down was relevant to the question. Afterwards, I was relieved it was over as I had never done anything like this before but felt like it had gone well. When Nicky rung me to tell me I had made it through to the top 10 I was thrilled, the top 10 was my target to reach for my first year entering and was completely happy with what I achieved.

Peter Calvert

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