The Drywite Young Fish Frier of the year competition – DYFFY Weekly Blog – Week 4

Round 4 – Mystery shop & Shop Visit

The final round of the Competition, The mystery shop & shop visit. For this round there was nothing much to prepare for except give as much as possible in the shop. The round is 3 days over 3 weeks and when you are in the shop every customer becomes a suspected judge. I put 100% into everything I was doing and even though it’s a normal day of frying it can be quite stressful especially when you’re constantly trying to spot the judge. When Nicky, Kelvin and Fred Capel came into the shop I was relieved. I was extremely confident in the appearance of the shop as all the staff at Mister C’s had worked extremely hard to maintain it. When they came into the restaurant I felt like I was shaking with nerves at first but when I sat down and go talking to them they quickly went away. I showed them around the shop showing them how and why we do things answered a few questions and showed them some of my frying skills. Afterwards when they had finished judging I had a food talk with them about other things and got to know Fred as it was the first time I had met them.

Once they left I relaxed, I felt that I had given everything I could and did my best throughout the competition all I could do was wait for the night of the award to find out how I’d done, When they announced me as the winner I was utterly shocked I felt like all the work I had put in had paid off.

I hope that these blogs can help young friers for the future in the Drywite Young fish frier competition. I wish all of you the very best of luck and if you have any question or want to ask anything please contact me and I will do the best I can to help.

Peter Calvert

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